Australian Capital Territory Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Posted on October 7, 2017 / 2708
Price : $500,000
Listing Type : For Sale
Condition : Foreclosure
Beds : 4
Baths : 2
Car Spaces : 2
Garage Parking : 2
Size : 1100sqm

Do you live in the Australia Capital Territory? This could be your house that is Listed For Sale.

Obviously this isn’t a real listing. This is just an example of what your listing could look like, if you chose to advertise your house for sale with

The purpose of Listed For Sale, is options. The option to choose how long you’d like to advertise you realestate / property for sale, without the need to pay hundreds of dollars to advertise on other online platforms.

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The whole idea of ‘Listed For Sale’ is to enable people (maybe just like you) that may be happy to sell, at a given price. Our reasoning is that the moment you contact an agent and have that ‘for sale’ sign put up out front, you have indicated that you ‘want’ to sell.

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Listed for 30 Days  – $11.00

Listed for 90 Days – $16.00

Listed for 180 Days – $22.00

Listed for 365 Days – $28.00

Air Conditioning
Built-in Wardrobes
Gas Cooking
Gas Heating
Timber Flooring